Prairie Soap

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This is the ultimate pack to restore dry skin!  These are some of our gentlest products, especially good for those with dry, itchy skin.  Restore your skin and leave it soft and smooth with this trio of products.  

Our CALM bar (4 oz) is great for soothing irritated skin! It is made with our goat milk base and is infused with chamomile tea. This creamy and moisturizing bar leaves your skin silky soft and smooth, perfect for people with sensitive skin!   

Our COMFORT bar (4 oz) is our oat based soap topped with oatmeal flakes. This soap will heal and calm dry, itchy, flaky skin. Your skin will feel soft and restored. 

Our RESTORE bath bomb (4.5 oz) is made with coconut oil, colloidal oatmeal and oatmeal extract. It is infused with a dreamy honey oatmeal fragrance. So calming and soothing for dry skin.